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Logistics Hub UK, Sheffield City Region - the UK’s ‘Central and Portcentric’ Logistics Location.

In the traditional UK distribution model, the transportation of goods from peripheral ports to inland deconsolidation centres (traditionally in the English Midlands), involves significant journey times and costs. The alternative ‘port centric’ distribution model can reduced costs and delivery times between port and distribution centre. However, because most UK ports are peripherally located, this model typically results in significant transportation times and costs between port centric distribution centres and consumer markets.

Logistics Hub UK’s optimal geography provides distribution companies with a hub location that is both ‘UK central’ and ‘port centric’, based on the close proximity of the Humber ports - all accessible within HGV drive times of 1 hour or less.

A ‘Central and Port Centric’ Location - Key Benefits

Logistics Hub UK’s unique ‘central and port centric’ location delivers a range of potential benefits to logistics, distribution and warehousing companies, including:

  • Reduced transport times, costs, inventories and carbon emissions
  • Transfer of traffic to the Humber’s smaller, less congested, deep sea ports
  • Reduced auxiliary costs at Humber ports in comparison with larger UK ports
  • The option to off-load freight at continental European ports, followed by short sea legs to the Humber
  • Hull: 20 miles from the North Sea; all-weather terminal; the UK’s largest offshore wind farm; importation of energy goods
  • Grimsby: The UK’s major car imports terminal
  • Immingham: The UK’s busiest port
  • Goole: The UK’s most inland port, on the river Ouse

The Humber Ports - Key Facts

The Humber Ports are the UK’s largest port by tonnage:




Combined %

Humber Region 79,831 15.4 63.4
Milford Haven 48,699 8.3 48.0
London 48,796 8.3 39.7
Southampton 37,878 6.4 31.4
Teesport 35,198 6.0 25.0
Liverpool 32,660 5.6 19.0
Forth 27,878 4.7 13.4
Felixstowe 26,817 4.6 8.7
Dover 24,251 4.1 4.1
UK Total 519,495 100 100

Humber Port Destinations

Destinations: Northern Europe, Baltic States & Scandinavia

Regular Freight Services Iinclude: Rotterdam, Hoek van Holland, Zeebrugge, Esbjerg, Cuxhaven, Goteborg, Vlaardingen, Bilbao

Other Countries Served Include: Finland (Helsinki, Hamina, Rauma), Sweden, Baltic States, Iceland

Constituent Humber Ports: Key Facts


  • 50 million tonnes p.a.
  • 1230 acres
  • Dry Bulk Cargo (Fertiliser, Animal Feeds, Biomass)
  • Iron Ore
  • Oil
  • Coal
  • Containers
  • Ro-Ro (DFDS)
  • Forest Products
  • Liquid Bulks
  • Heavy Lift (DFDS)


  • Approx 1 million tonnes p.a.
  • 550 acres
  • Cars (New River Terminal Opening June 2013)
  • Offshore Wind & Power Activities
  • Forest Products
  • Grimsby Fish Dock

Marine Energy Park (on stream 2015)

  • 2000 acres
  • Offshore Wind Turbine Production Logistics Distriparc

Humber Sea Terminal (Killinghome)

  • 265 acres
  • Four Deep Water River Berths
  • Ro-Ro

Goole ABP

  • 2 million tonnes p.a.
  • 135 acres
  • RMS Terminal
  • Dry & Liquid Bulks
  • Forest Products

Additional Ports & Wharves

  • Tetney Mooring Buoy Petroleum Products
  • New Holland Bulk Terminal Bulk (Gravel)
  • New Holland Dock Steel, Forest Products
  • Barrow Haven Various Bulk
  • Flixborough & Gunness Ferro Alloys, Dry Bulk
  • Wharton Grove Forest Products, Steel, Liquids, Bulk Cargoes
  • Keadby Wharf General Cargo
  • Groveport & Neap House (Largest private inland facility in UK with 11 berths) Bulk Cargos, Forest Products, Steel, Liquids
  • Howdendyke Dry Bulk
  • Saltend Bulk Chemicals

Have your say on ambitious region-wide transport plans

4 January 2018

Consultation on the future of transport across the Sheffield City Region (SCR) is set to go live next Monday, 8 January.

An online questionnaire, running until the end of March, will give people across the region the chance to have their say on the SCR’s ambitious draft Transport Strategy. The strategy aims to grow the regional economy by £500million, boosting economic growth by making it easier for people, particularly those in the most deprived areas, to get to work or places of education.

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